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 Hariom Homeo Kalyanpur, Near Hanuman Market, Machli Bazar, Power House Road, Begusarai, Bihar (851101)

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    HariomHomeo – Dr Nitish Dubey’s Homeopathic Clinic in Power House Road, Begusarai

    Dr. Nitish Dubey’s homeopathic clinic provides homeopathic remedies for every kind of illness and short-comings the patients may have. Be it a common cold to cancer! His treatments last long with little chance of reappearance. He aims at immunity building rather than just relieving symptoms like most other doctors do these days.

    Hence, when a pathogen enters into our bodies (whether it be a virus or bacteria), patients already have a well-prepared immune system, ready to fight the foreign element.

    HariomHomeo – Dr Nitish Dubey’s Best Homeopathic Clinic Near Me in Power House Road, Begusarai

    Dr Nitish Dubey ‘s Homeopathy Clinic near me in Power House Road, Begusarai offers the best homeopathic treatment for all  kind of illness. We provide natural solution for Chronic diseases, skin disease, female /child disease, menstrual disorders, and other issues with utmost care. With our alternative medicine system, patients are experiencing the long-lasting results. These aren’t just short-term solutions, rather these are meant for your holistic development. Our homeopathy treatments are safe for all age groups.

    Treatment at Dr. Nitish Dubey's Homeopathic Clinic in Power House Road, Begusarai

    HariOmHomeo clinic offers a unique blend of Indian and German medical science. Here at the Begusarai branch, you can expect a treatment with both the qualities. This has led us to become one of India’s best homeopathic clinics for quality care!

    Hariomhomeo - Vitiligo (leucoderma) treatment

    Vitiligo (leucoderma) treatment

    There is a misconception that vitiligo is untreatable! If you do not trust us, learn it from the treated Patients at Dr. Nitish Dubey’s HariomHomeo Clinic. In other words, they have received complete homeopathic remedies.

    They are happy, satisfied, and contend with the treatment. In other words, anyone can get treatment for Vitiligo. Many patients reported that it feels great to take charge of their skincare

    Treatment for skin

    Treatment for skin

    Apart from Vitiligo, our Homeopathic skin Clinic in Jubilee Well, Begusarai also offers skin treatment for other related issues. Skin-related issues such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, itching, or any other skin-related issue are treatable without any side effects. Our tailor-made service not only looks for symptoms but also finds out the root cause behind the issue.

    Hair Loss Treatment

    Hair Loss Treatment

    Our hair is a reflection of our personality, and Dr. Nitish Dubey understands everyone’s concern regarding its loss. Thousands of satisfied customers in 20+ years proves that. Hair loss can be genetic or due to different lifestyle. Whatever be the reason, firstly we find out the reason, and secondly, we provide the cure.

    Itchy scaly patches (Psoriasis Treatment)

    Itchy scaly patches (Psoriasis Treatment)

    Get treated for psoriasis without having any side effects, only at Dr. Dubey’s Homeopathic Clinic in Power House Road, Begusarai. The visible results will make you want to come again for your treatment. In other words, do not go through the emotional and physical pain with itchy skin. 

    About Dr. Dubey’s Homeopathic Clinic, Begusarai - The Results Speak For Themselves!

    Dr. Nitish Dubey (BHMS) has over 20 years of experience and numerous accolades as a homeopathy doctor. This way, he has managed to carve out a niche for himself. Dr. Nitish Dubey’s Homeopathic Clinic in Power House Road, Begusarai has been providing holistic and effective healthcare to patients since 2000. The clinic has successfully treated 10000+ customers.

    Many patients with homeopathic treatment want to visit the Begusarai branch again due to its best results. A patient gets personalized treatment here! Here is our life-changing result: Images


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    Why Dr. Nitish Dubey's Homeopathic Clinic In Power House Road, Begusarai?

            • More than 20 Years of experience
            • Operating since early 2000
            • Clinics in 5 cities, more on the way
            • Treating 8+ illness types – Be it hair fall or skin conditions like psoriasis; asthma, and thyroid disease
            • No side effects or less consultation fee.

    Visit the Best Homeopathy Clinic in Begusarai today, where less budget meets high-quality homeopathic care.

    You may suffer from hair loss due to lifestyle or genetic reasons. To get the best treatment at our Homeopathic clinic in Begasarai one needs to visit HariomHomeo on Power House Road. They will conduct video microscopy tests that establish cause for concern; afterward, the doctors will design a special plan for treatment. 

    Hariomhomeo is the best homeopathy clinic Begusarai Bihar. It provides the holistic and safe homeopathic treatment. 

    Moreover, we have a team of qualified and experienced homeopaths who treat patients from all over the world. For hair loss treatment, consult homeopathic hair doctors at Power House Road Begusarai. In conclusion, we have the best hair loss treatment techniques.

    When it comes to Homeopathy, Dr. Nitish Dubey is the expert with his Homeopathy Clinic in Power House Road Begusarai. He has spent more than 20 years practicing this science. Hence, he can provide the best homeopathic cure with medicines that don’t have any harmful chemicals. Therefore, we can say he has the best homeopathic clinic in Bihar.

    The clinic is a hub of experienced homeopathy doctors with holistic solutions. It has helped many individuals find relief. They deal primarily in diseases such as baldness, dermatitis (a skin condition), vitiligo, and others. 

    However, they also provide treatment for breath-related issues, child health disorders, and stomach problems. For women-only problems, they have a dedicated team trained to handle these types of cases! 

    Homeopathy has been around for years. Therefore, it is an active alternative medicine system. Homeopathic doctors like Dr. Nitish Dubey are specialists in treating people with kidney stones.

    For instance, some of his blogs are dedicated to the kidney stone. The success rate at his clinic shows the trust clients have in Dr. Nitish Dubey’s homeopathic clinic Begusarai Bihar.

    I visited Homeopathic skin Clinic in Power house road, Begusarai by Dr. Nitish Dubey for Cough and skin Treatment. He is an excellent and skilled doctor in all cases. Above all, his medicines worked 100%. In addition, patience is the key in homeopathy treatments. 

    Alisha Saifi Lives in Begusaria

    I visited Hariomhomeo Homeopathic Clinic in Begusarai for Menstrual Disorders Management after a phone call appointment. Above all, the environment is patient-friendly. The treatment helped me handle my anxiety and PCOD. For your issues, visit this clinic, as it offers the best homeopathic treatment in Begusarai. You will feel the difference in health, as I also felt the change after only a few doses.  Finally, I visited Dr. Nitish Dubey's Clinic in Boring Road Patna. Within 2 months of psoriasis treatment, above all, I found improvement in psoriasis lesions. With homeopathic treatment, my acne has improved, and I feel confident.

    Kritika Dubey Accounting

    I visited the Homeopathic hair Clinic in Begusarai for High Blood Pressure and hair care. After getting infected with COVID-19, I was troubled with acute hair loss and high blood sugar levels. Therefore, I visited Dr. Nitish Dubey's Homeopathic clinic after an appointment with their phone number. Surprisingly, my hair fall problem got settled within one month, and other issues are also under control. 

    Harshul Kumar Human Resources