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    HariOm Homeo- Find The Best Homeopathy Doctor In Noida Near You, Offering World-Class Health Care Facilities.

    Dr. Nitish Dubey’s HariOm Homeo is the top Homeopathy clinic in Noida, presenting the highest healthcare standards to its patients. It is offering treatment for skin issues, chronic diseases, mental health issues, and other kinds of illnesses that can take years to treat in traditional establishments.

    Besides, the clinic has top homoepaths who can cure child disorders, health issues in women, and other specialised categories of concerns. Homeopathy Doctor In Noida, such as HariOm Homeo are available 24*7 for help. Every form of treatment here is focused on stimulating the inner mechanism of healing, which makes it easier to eradicate a disease forever

    About Dr. Nitish Dubey’s HariOm Homeo- The Best Homeopathy Doctors In Noida

    Established in 10 cities across India and growing, Dr. Nitish Dubey’s Homeopathy Clinic Greater Noida, HariOm Homeo is making outstanding healthcare services  accessible for all. Dr Nitish started working as a homeopath in 2000 and has seen no signs of stopping. His clinics across India have gained 23 years of trust.

    The chain of clinics for homeopathic care is established across different parts of India. Thousands of people have found successful treatments for their chronic or specialised diseases. Experience homeopaths in this establishment can take care of all kinds of diseases across different age groups.

    Treatment At The Best Homeopathy Clinic In Noida - HariOm Homeo

    HariOm Homeo from Dr Nitish Dubey is doing amazing work in the field of Homeopathy. The clinic offers treatments that eradicate the issue from within the body, not just the surface.  Patients can expect permanent relief from their treatment here. 

    The clinic offers services based on the principles of Dr Samuel Hahnemann, the father of Homeopathy. Receive more than only short-term relief and don’t suffer from a disease repeatedly. Visit the nearest HariOm Homeo clinic in Noida Sector 18 and get treated today!

    Treatment for skin

    Skin Treatment For Allergies

    Skin allergies are a major concern but often get undetected until they become severe. HariOm Homeo is the best homeopathic clinic in Noida for treating skin allergies. 

    It finds out the root cause of allergy (mental illness, issues with hygiene, hormonal imbalance etc). Acne, psoriasis, itching, and eczema are treated without any side effects.

    Hariomhomeo - Vitiligo (leucoderma) treatment

    Treating Vitiligo (Leucoderma)

    Vitiligo is treatable! We have thousands of patients who’ve received successful treatment for skin pigmentation at Dr. Nitish Dubey’s HariOm Homeo. 

    With the best Homeopathy doctor in Noida near you, start your treatment for Vitiligo immediately. Take charge of your confidence with even-toned skin.

    Itchy scaly patches (Psoriasis Treatment)

    Auto-immune diseases

    Diseases like Rheumatoid arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, etc. are auto-immune diseases that are often found across different age groups.

    Being the best homeopathy doctor in Noida, it can treat such auto-immune diseases after finding the reason behind them. The clinic has specialists for treating such illnesses as they are severe. 

    Hair Loss Treatment

    Hair Loss Treatment

    Hair says a lot about a personality. Its loss can trigger the deepest insecurities in a person. Dr. Nitish Dubey understands it perfectly.

    HariOm Homeo has witnessed the successful treatment of unnatural hair loss and hair fall among people of different lifestyles. The experts will figure out the root cause and restore your original hair growth.

    Hair Fall

    Hair Fall happens when a hair follicle or root becomes weak. If someone starts losing beyond 50-100 stands everyday, they must consult a doctor.

    Every clinic of Dr Nitish Dubey’s HariOm Homeo throughout India has received 1000+ footfall for treating Hair Fall alone. Homeopathy offers effective treatment against hair fall induced by hormonal imbalance, dandruff, hereditary, or any other reason. 


    A large population of India deals with male or female infertility due to changes in hormones, problems with diet, and many other reasons.

    Homeopathy doctor Noida at Dr Nitish Dubey’s HariOm Homeo can treat infertility in males and females effectively. Patients can witness results 2-3 months from the beginning of their medical treatment. Book your consultation today!


    In cancer, the abnormal cells develop rapidly and destroy body tissues. Depending upon how it affects, there are 5 types of Cancers.

    While getting the traditional treatment, such as chemotherapy and radiation, homeopathy can help reduce its side effects and alleviate the pain associated with treatment options. HariOm Homeo has modern facilities to treat all types of cancer.


    Autism impacts the nervous system in the early stages of human life, impairing the ability to talk, think, and interact. Early detection can help reduce the symptoms.

    HariOm Homeo employs the best homeopathic doctor in Noida who can detect and decrease the impact of Autism. They can help improve fine motor skills and treat sensory issues to a major extent. 

    Lifestyle Disorders

    Hypertension, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, coronary heart disease, and ischemic heart disease are common lifestyle disorders.

    One may suffer from lifestyle disorders because of unhealthy dietary habits, or heredity. Regardless of the cause, homeopathy treatment at HariOm Homeo is effective in curbing them. Consult with the HariOm homeo branch today! 


    Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may develop in the early stages of childhood or may stay undetected throughout their adulthood.

    Under the homeopathy treatment of ADHD, doctors will analyse the physical and emotional makeup of the person and offer personalized treatment to bring back harmony in the cognitive functions of the patient.

    Why Dr Nitish Dubey Is The Top Homeopathy Doctor In Noida Sector 18?

    Dr Nitish Dubey (BHMS) is a renowned Homeopath in India. Holding more than 2 decades of experience in the science of Homeopathic treatment, he has managed to carve out a name for himself in the fraternity. His clinic in Noida Sector 18 has already offered effective treatment to 200,000 patients across India.

    Are you living near Noida and want to see positive results with homeopathic treatment? Visit HariOm Homeo’s Noida Sector 18 branch for the best results. Get personalised care and transformative results.



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    Why Choose Dr. Nitish Dubey's HariOm Homeo in Noida Sector 18?

    • 20+ Years of experience.
    • 2000 Established
    • 9+ Cities Presence
    • 2,00,000 Patients Treated Nationwide

    The best Homeopathy clinic in Noida is offering permanent treatment for 8+ major illnesses, including Hairfall, Psoriasis, Thyroid, Skin diseases, and asthma. Patients here do not experience side effects or cost issues while receiving their treatment. To find the top-class treatment with homeopathy under your budget, visit the Noida Sector 18 branch of HariOm Homeo today!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Dr. Nitish Chandra Dubey – One of the sought-after Homeopathic Doctors in Noida, having published more than 100 research papers and acknowledge on international platforms.

    Apart from finding HariOm Homeo homeopathy doctor Greater Noida, you can find us in Indore, Surat, Begusarai, Kalyanpur, Patna, Bhagalpur, Delhi, and many other cities across India. Contact your nearest branch for a free consultation today!

    Find expert homoeopaths in Dr Nitish’s HariOm Homeo at F-6, Sector-18, Near Atta Market, 

    Noida, Uttar Pradesh- 201301 and book a free consultation session.

    Search for Dr Nitish Dubey’s HariOm Homeo Noida Sector 18 branch and you will find a homoeopath who will resolve all your health concerns with the best homoeopathic practices.

    If you are observing unnatural hair loss or hair fall, consult Dr Nitish Dubey’s HariOm homeopathy clinic Noida sector 18. Doctors with the highest qualifications are offering hair loss treatment by employing the latest techniques.