The skin is our largest organ, made from a combination of fats, minerals, water, and protein. Its size and nature protect us from external factors such as environmental changes and pathogens. At the same time, our largest organ is also prone to skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, skin allergy, vitiligo, and many other ailments.

Skin issues can happen due to external influences or internal disturbances. Such diseases cause intense irritation and pain. However, skin conditions also hurt our self-confidence, social conduct, and psychological behavior.

Dr. Nitish Dubey’s Homoeopathic Skin Treatment

With over 20+ years of experience, Dr. Nitish Dubey has a success rate of 98% in treating skin diseases with Homoeopathic remedies. The Homoeopathy skin treatment and medicines at Dr. Nitish Dubey’s clinic have no side effects, are entirely safe, and the process is natural.

In his Hariom Homoeo clinic, he has numerous seasoned Homoeopathic Skin Specialist Doctors who have cured severe cases of Eczema, vitiligo, skin allergies, and psoriasis skin diseases, among others.

Homoeopathic skin doctors and specialists conduct in-depth consultation rounds with the patient to treat their skin. With these discussions, they find out the dietary habits, psychological issues, and other factors that might lead to their recent skin issue. Accordingly, Homoeopathic skin doctors provide remedies that holistically target the disease. 

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Common Skin Ailments Where Homoeopathy Can Help

Anyone may face skin conditions due to actions of their immune system, clogging of skin pores, pigmentation, and many other reasons. Common skin ailments Homoeopathic medicines can cure are:

Severe in nature skin conditions such as eczema causes rough patches with inflamed, itchy, and cracked surfaces. In some cases, the patient also develops blisters. 


The patient with psoriasis develops itchy skin, and rashes around the knees, scalp, and other areas. The disease is incurable but manageable with Homoeopathic skin treatment. However, since it is an autoimmune problem, Homoeopathy might find the root cause and eradicate the issue.


In acne, the dead skin cells, sweat, and oil clog the skin pores. It leads to the formation of pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads on the skin. Usually, acne is common in teenagers, but anyone at different stages of age might develop acne. 


Warts are a skin concern where rough bumps occur on the back and neck region. In some cases, the targeted areas are hands, feet, and genitals. Homoeopathy can cure such skin diseases and stop them from reappearing.

When melanocytes (skin’s pigment cells) die, skin changes color, and some discolored patches appear on different parts of the body. It affects both skin and hair. In short, white patches appear on the skin. Homoeopathic remedies cure this Skin disorder by targeting the skin cells.


Painful bumps appear on the outer region of toes and feet. It usually occurs when wearing unsuitable footwear or wearing shoes without socks. Here, the skin is trying to protect itself from friction. Homoeopathic remedies and self-care measures will treat this skin condition.

Ailments such as skin allergy can happen due to the body's immune system. Usually, they subside on their own, but rashes, redness, hives, and burning sensations can be quite painful sometimes. Here, Homoeopathy skin treatment includes finding the root cause of the disease and eradicating the same. 


How Does Homoeopathy Work For Skin Problems?

Unlike allopathy and other conventional skin treatment methods, Homoeopathy pairs itself with the body’s healing mechanism. Hence, it enhances the natural capacity to heal and reduces the time to cure it completely. For better results, it is imperative to consult with a hariomhomeo for skin treatment. Here’s why Homoeopathy is the best way to treat skin ailments: 
  • Homoeopathic medicines are made with natural resources.
  • The approach is to treat the root cause, due to which results can stay for a lifetime.
  • No adverse or side- effects of Homoeopathic remedies have been found so far. 
  • Cost-effective than surgeries and conventional drugs for skin treatment.
  • Also, Homoeopathic doctors are easily available. 
Dr Nitish Dubey for skin treatment is best as it shows results slowly but surely. It makes skincare and treatment affordable and accessible for everyone.


Is Homoeopathy treatment good for the skin?

hariomhomeo skin treatments have shown a higher success rate in treating skin-related issues. Human skin tends to be sensitive and it can easily end up being irritable and dry. Homoeopathic medicines for skin are safe for consumption and show results in a few days.


Is Homoeopathy good for skin infections?

Not only beautification, but Homoeopathy is effective against skin diseases as well. It can cure the basic issue behind the disease. Dr Nitish Dubey Homoeopathic skin doctor studies the skin type, genetics, and immune system before prescribing medicines to the patient.


Which is better for skin treatment: Homoeopathy or allopathy?

Homoeopathy: Safe and secure way to treat all skin problems

Homoeopathy works differently from conventional allopathic methods of treating skin. Hariomhomeo Homoeopathic medicines work in tandem with a human’s natural healing agents. Ultimately, they reduce the time taken to heal and prevent diseases from appearing again. 


What is the scope of Homoeopathy in skin disease?

Dr Nitish Dubey Homoeopathic skin treatments can permanently cure a patient of skin issues. Common skin diseases such as eczema, warts, herpes, psoriasis, and urticaria have effectively been treated by Homoeopathy medicines. Some of the Homoeopathic medicines used for skin disorders are Rhus tox, natrum Mur, etc.


Is Homoeopathy treatment costly?

Homoeopathy remedies are known for being cheaper than other conventional medicines. Also, Homoeopathic medicine for skin disease is available in most pharmacies with a prescription. Many medications such as Homoeopathic hair oil and shampoos are available over the counter as well.